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The series DATABASE presented for the Encontros da Imagem, is nothing more than an organized collection of data in a picture which represents a state of the world, and the power that images have by “remaining” in our minds, influencing our behaviours, and our way of thinking.

This selection does not aim to be thorough, but the selected photographs belong to recurring subjects, discussed and shared in social networks by contemporary artists, media, and web surfers in general. We can find terrorism, natural disasters as consequence from global heating, robotics colonization in extraterrestrial territory, crisis, ... Every subject is recalled by an image, directly or indirectly linked to some other photograph, and operates as the symptom of the fantasies and disorders from the contemporary world. DATABASE is an attempt to keep the constant flow present in the images and in current paradigms, by an organized and selective series of photographs, which allows the appearance of absent narratives.

DATABASE is part of the term, which I use to name my work: “absent geographies”.

“The persistent image is not the frozen image. On the contrary, that is the image that circulates, spreads and generates news instances.” GUILLAUME LE GAL

Sue-Elie Andrade-De

Sue-Élie Andrade-De is a Portuguese descendant, born in 1986 in a small city called Fontenay-aux-roses (France). She is graduated in Fine Arts by the University Paris 1, in Sorbonne (Fr), she also has a masters degree in Contemporary Photography by the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (Fr). She curated three photo exhibitions: in the OFF, from Rencontre de la Photographie, in Arles; Basis in Amsterdam; and in Escritório de Arte Gris in São Paulo. She participated in 17 group exhibitions, in 6 different countries (Germany, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Austria and Portugal). She exhibited individually twice (France and Portugal). She won one single prize, Mission Jeunes Artistes, participated in 15 publications, in an artistic residency, in a masterclass (Reflexions Masterclass), and in a photography research group (Decrescimento) curated by Steve Bisson. When she arrived in Brazil, in 2013, she founded the independent publishing company #iamnotfrench. She directed and curated the photographic performance project The Smell of Dust (mingling projected photographs and live music). She lives, works, runs and takes pictures in São Paulo.

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