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The connection between time and transformation interests me. I am willing to explore through the observation and record of nature these subtle changes. Exploring photographic medium gave me the ability to slip away from our certitude and conviction. By creating a space free for interpretation - between what we see, think and imagine - it brings the opportunity for awareness and a sense of mind. My photographs published by Actes Sud in the book “Habiter Zingaro” explored the relation between man and its environment. In the series “Ceniza”, ash in Spanish, I questioned our perception of landscape and how a past event can affect our experience and understanding of nature.

“Makuake” in Japanese means the dawn, the beginning of something. During my stay in Japan I was impressed by the quality of night and the large amount of natural space dedicated to spirituality. The sacred places in shinto and bouddhist religions inspired my research. I recorded scenes - objects and people - that where expressing the relation between sacred and profane. I worked with a traditional 4x5 camera, which is a very precise instrument, using long exposure and substitute to the photographic film a photosensitive paper. This way of working was creating a disturbing sense of time and space. This process, which revives with the beginnings of photography - camera obscura - has a profound impact on the nature of the works produced. The photographs, between negative and positive, renew the link between emerging image and its magic character.

Claire Cocano

Claire Cocano is a French photographer, after a Degree in History, she graduated from the National School of Photography in Arles. A residency in Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, allowed her working on several project, one in collaboration with Bartabas about Zingaro was published in 2010 by Actes Sud. The other project on adolescence reminds was exhibited in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris as a Bourse du Talent award. More recently she exhibited in the International Festival in Arles in 2013 the series “Ceniza”. In 2014 a residency in Japan allowed her to exhibit her work in the French Institute in Kyoto and during the Kg+ Kyotography International Photography Festival. She also took part in the last Mois de la Photo Off in Paris.

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