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“Mijnberg” is literally translated from dutch as “My Mountain”.

I like the views of the big mountains; I like to be there. But I will not take pictures of them anymore, because I feel like in a loop taking pictures of something that has been photographed from all the perspectives thousands of times every day.

“Mijnberg” is a fictitious mountain I created with standard A4 paper. On one hand the blank paper is a metaphor of the landscape, which doesn’t exist and only makes sense if it’s interpreted by man. On the other hand the pictures of this unique geography serves me as a claim against the endless number of pictures that has been taken of any mountain in the world.

Yurian Quintanas

Amsterdam, 1983. Currently living in Catalunya, Yurian works on his personal photography projects focused on documenting people and their physical and mental environment. After graduating as a senior technician on image and finishing a specialization course in photojournalism at IDEP (Barcelona), he had the opportunity to assist recognized photographers from national geographic as Tino Soriano and Annie Griffiths Belt. It’s been five years Yurian began working on his own projects and he has won awards and fellowships of the “XIII International Meetings Gijon photojournalism” (2009), the workshop Magnumphotos scholarship with Chien-Chi Chang (2009), an honourable mention in the “Travel Photographers of the Year” (2011), the selection for Photoespaña Discoveries (2011) and being finalist of the Fotopres Grant (2013). Burn Magazine, Foto a Foto, Descobrir Catalunya, F-Stop Magazine, Piel de Foto, Disparo or Positive Magazine, are some of the media in which he was published.

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