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Power and Illusion at MIRA FORUM

Under the theme Power and Illusion – the theme of Encontros da Imagem 2015 -, MIRA FORUM gallery presents a collective exhibition that brings together bodies of works of four photographers and a filmmaker working with documentary, having Portugal as starting point. António Pedrosa will present "The green and blue at Crow Island", a body of work developed on the island of Corvo, Azores, where it attends an annual increase of population raising social concerns. Inês d'Orey presents "Limbo". Portraying young protesters, the artist proposes a reflective perspective about an indignant generation and, at the same time, paralyzed in an uncertainty state. Lara Jacinto, in “350 000”, brings us to travel notion which collectively represents the thousands of Portuguese who, in recent years, departed from Portugal in search for a better life. Paulo Pimenta, in “The New Walls”, reflects the idea of disruption, obstacles that cross cities that enclose and separate us, a separation with no return. Pedro Neves in “Hospedaria” presents evidences left in an ancient inn that, for many years, housed dozens of people almost always associated with prostitution, scarcity and insecurity. These five artists reflect in their work memories of people, places and environments of another time that insists on continuing reflect Portugal nowadays. This Power and Illusion can only cause perplexity.


António Pedrosa has worked as a photojournalist since 1996. He has published in various Portuguese and international newspapers. Alongside this, he develops work in the field of documentary photography. In 2012 he won the Great Prize “Estação de Imagem | Mora” for Documentary Photography The following year he won a “Estação de Imagem | Mora” grant to develop the “The Pose and The Pray” project that was published in May 2014. In 2014 won Hasselblad Master 2014 prize for editorial photography. In 2015 winner "Sports" category in PDN Photo Annual and 2nd in "sports singles" and 3rd in "sports series" in POY LATAM 2015.


She has a degree in Photography (London College of Printing, 2002) and a degree in International Relations (Minho University, 1999).She received a scholarship from Centro Português de Fotografia between 1999 and 2002. Inês won the Fnac New Talent prize in photography in 2007. She works as a freelance photographer, for private clients and public institutions. She frequently publishes and exhibits her work in Portugal and abroad. She published in 2010 her first book "Mecanismo da troca" and in 2011 her second book "porto interior". Inês d'Orey is part of Dear Sir Agency and is represented by Presença gallery.

LARA JACINTO - "350 000"

Lara Jacinto is a photographer based in Porto, Portugal. Graduated in Design, studied photography at Portuguese Institute of Photography. She works as an independent photographer, focused in documentary projects. Since 2011, Lara has developed reportages for the most important portuguese newspapers and magazines, as Público, Expresso or Visão. She Is also envolved in collective documental photography projects, like the recently published ProjectoTroika, about portuguese crisis.


Pedro Neves was born in Leiria in 1977. He graduated in Communication Science, did a post graduate course in Documentary (2002) and a masters in Culture and Communications, specializing in Documentary, where he wrote a dissertation about the documentation of the April Revolutionary years, in Porto University. He is a freelance journalist since 1999. He collaborates with the Expresso newspaper, where he has and does develop various reports for the paper edition and several short film documentaries for the multimedia site. In 2007 he attended a course on documentary direction in the International School of Cinema and Television in San António de Los Banõs, in Cuba.


If photography does or not come about by chance in Paulo Pimenta's life, it takes him to attend undergraduated studies in Photography at ESAP ( Escola Superior Artística do Porto) where he obtained his “Licenciatura” degree in 1994. The side of photojournalism is what most embodies as his first love and, at newspaper Público, where he works for more than 15 years and can live it in an every day bases. He sees his work recognized with the Top award for Photojournalism “Estação Imagem Mora” in 2010, with a photo-reportage on the "Linha do Sabor- Line of Sabor", and in the year of 2012 and also in 2013, he won the 2nd place in the category Arts and Stage performances (shows). In 2012, he was selected for the, an international event that attained in a book published with some of his photos. His work can also be seen on several national and international publications, such as 2010 series for the theatre company “As boas Raparigas” with several cover photographs, the book of photography “Pina Bausch Internationales Tanzfestival NRW 2008 Café Muller”, or the book “15 anos do Público“. There are multiple collective and individual exhibitions that set up the list of his most important works. It stands out the individual exhibit of Centro Português de Fotografia with “Histórias Fora de Palco- stories outside the stage”, the exhibition at the Embaixada Lomográfica do Porto with the display “Encontros/Desencontros- Encounters / Disencounters”, the "Na casa de-In the house of" with a national tour for several FNACs around the country, the exhibition "Projeto Reintegração pela Arte-Reintegration Project through Art" with "10 Espectáculos, 10 Mulheres-10 Shows, 10 Women" at Municipal Gallery in the City Hall of Matosinhos, the display of the "20 anos de fotografia-20 Years of Photography" with the theatre company “As boas Raparigas” on billboards throughout the city of Porto, the exhibition "O meu Paredes de Coura- My Paredes de Coura" about 20 years anniversary of Paredes de Coura Music Festival at the Village Cultural Centre, the exhibition "Rock no rolo- Rock in the roll" on the "Noites Ritual- Ritual Nights" festival at the Crystal Palace, in Porto, the participation in the New York Photo Festival, and the exhibition "Memória das mãos- Memories of Hands" in Ovar to celebrate the opening of the School of Arts and Crafts. Since the beginning of his career, he has been integrating several multidisciplinary artistic projects of social ambit and active welfare purpose. He is currently part of the "projecto troika".

Place of Exhibition

Mira Forum

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