Alena Zhandarova

"Puree With a Taste of Triângles"

Puree With a Taste of Triângles

I like to try something that I didn't do before, to expand the perception of the world. I am fascinated by the opportunity to try myself as a fabler with my own heroes, the chance to transform my inner feeling of the world into visual form, from chaos to cosmos. It attracts me as a big power, the freedom of choice and will.

It’s important for me to envelop my own perception of the world to the visual form in order to be, to feel, to reside in my own life, to delight and observe the changes in my picture of the world. I’m very interested to move deeper, to go wider, to unlock the unknown and solve the equation.

I explore the theme of uniqueness and diversity of each person, the connection between inner and external world. I break the conventions in which I was placed and try to create my own rules of communication with the universe. I am inspired by the idea of combining the incompatible, creating something out of nothing, amazing coincidences, which then develop into unique stories.

Alena Zhandarova

Alena Zhandarova is a young Russian artist, using photography as the main instrument of interaction with the spaces, she creates a special atmosphere of magic, which is built on experimentation and the fresh air of ordinary things in unusual situations. She is the winner of LensCulture Student Award 2013 and Luceo Award 2012, honorable mention of Encontros da Imagem Festival in Portugal 2012, finalist of Art.Laguna Art Prize in Italy and finalist of Photovisa Festival in Russia. Her works were exhibited in Museum of Modern Art "Erarta" in Russia, Pingyao Photography Festival 2014 in China, Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012 in Denmark, Backlight Photo Festival 2011 in Finland, Phodar Photo Biennal 2011 in Bulgaria, Perm Photo Festival 2012 in Russia, Meyrin Cultural Center in Switzerland, Aarhus Art Center in Denmark, Getty Images Gallery in England and others. She studied Fine Art Photography at European Institute of Design in IED Madrid.

Place of Exhibition

Casa das Bombas (Galeria Janes)

More information soon.

Institutional Partners

Braga UM DGArtes GovernoPortugal