Lonneke Van Der Palen

"Souvenir: Memories of a Journey Never Made"

Souvenir: Memories of a Journey Never Made

The series 'Souvenir: Memories of a journey never made' is the result of a staged journey inspired by the ultimate clichés among travel photography. The posing in stunning landscapes, sunsets, wildlife, exotic food, the indigenous population: they almost become icons. By recreating these images, photography enables me to visit distant worlds and gather souvenirs of a journey that has never been made. Why buy expensive flight tickets, when I can accomplish the same with my imagination? Using a camera, I don't have to leave my house to experience life's visual marvels.

Lonneke Van Der Palen

Lonneke van der Palen ,The Netherlands, 1985. Studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and graduated in 2011. Lonneke van der Palen’s vivid photographs bear witness to her almost mathematical sense of colour and design. They often reflect still life or a portrait showing a single figure. The images tease your imagination, and leave you guessing what it is you are actually seeing and what its underlying importance is. In fact, a single image actually tells an entire narrative. Van der Palen plays with people’s experience: recognisable elements and visual clichés are combined in such a way that onlookers are continually thrown off balance. The representation of an everyday object that is central to a photo is often so aesthetical – almost theatrical – that it summons up entirely contrasting associations and meanings.

Place of Exhibition

Casa das Bombas (Galeria Janes)

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Institutional Partners

Braga UM DGArtes GovernoPortugal