Benoît Luisiére

"Un Autre Jeu"

Un Autre Jeu

When I believe that I am this one, you see me as that one. Are there as many "I"s as "Thou"s? To this question, I can imagine the likely answers and clear misunderstandings. What is there that is truly fixed in identity other than its constant (de)(re)-construction? Family photos are my little theatres of glossy paper in which both "I" and "Other" (a hybrid and transitory person) play the "hypothesis of self". Am I this "Unknown"? I hesitate. Underneath it all and at its most elemental, there is always a lie somewhere. So I "make" a character as one makes an illusion. Or as one makes a cup of coffee...

In daily life, at once both social and carnivalesque, the opposite of "I" is not "Other". It is another game. A game that allows one to get to know one's possibilities. These images could be those of a family in which we could call the father "Forgotten Memories" and the mother "Uncertainty". The main character has the curiosity to become someone else, no matter whom, and on the condition that this process continues indefinitely.

Benoît Luisiére

I am an archivist who has gone "off". For a long time, I used to take photos on Sundays. Then holidays. And in 2011, on an anonymous photo, I replaced the face of an unknown person with my own. This image was of a man looking at himself in a mirror. I took the place of his reflection. And then the problems started...

Since then, I have continued, obsessively, to put myself into scenes, replacing other people. I've become an imposter. What is it that must have happened, during the first experiment in creating a hybrid, that I continue to seek to reproduce?

In this process of re-appropriation, I satisfy my need to put myself into the picture and onto the stage. This is not really for my benefit because I have a preference for unbalanced equilibrium. It is ambiguous but even more amusing than that which we call "reality".

Beyond these narcissistic games, my work arises from a desire to understand my relation with "Other". First of all, it is a quest for otherness; identity is the immediate logical consequence, but it is secondary. Generally, "Other" is someone who is disturbing or who worries you. It is also someone who defines you: in their view your own contradictions, weaknesses and obsessions are revealed. And in this uncertain perspective, all kinds of misunderstandings and illusion become possible.

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