Adrián Portugal

"Aguadulce Souvenir"

Aguadulce Souvenir

“Aguadulce” (Sweetwater), Lima’s most popular beach, has salty water. This seems like a contradiction, but it could be a sign that things function with a different logic here: the logic of a free land, like in the back-to-front world of the old carnivals. Everyone will be who they desire to be, and their souvenir will be a picture on a cruise in the Bahamas, or surrounded by animals in the rainforest. In the midst of these scenes of fantasy, the sand is fertile ground for love, and the water for freedom. The bathers’ dreams and memories parade before our eyes in the form of tattoos, which breathe on their skin made golden by the sun and the salty water of Aguadulce.

Adrián Portugal

Adrian Portugal (Lima, 1977). Após trabalhar como fotógrafo de imprensa, Adrian tem-se dedicado a projetos de fotografia e vídeo documentais. Expôs e publicou os foto ensaios "Portraits of Exemplary Peruvians", "Breaker Boys", "Night Late Show", "Aguadulce", "Virgins of Cumbia", "Stars in the Jungle" e "Iquitos, the house of the god of love”. É membro fundador do coletivo Supayfotos, com o qual participou no festival Visa Pour L’image, com o projeto "Labyrinth of Glances", tendo também participado em bienais como a de Lima, Quito, e Tucumán. Colaborou com revistas como a The New Yorker, Geo, e Vice. Tem dois livros publicados, correspondentes às suas duas exposições individuais: "Aguadulce" (2011) e "Iquitos" (2013).

Monastery of Tibães

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The Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, former Motherhouse of the English Benedictine Congregation, was acquired by the Portuguese State in 1986 and assigned to the Portuguese...

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