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STUCK IN THE OFFICE? Bracing yourself for grueling exams? Wondering why it always rains on you? Fed up of boring, rainy England stuck in the same town, with the same people? You’re bored of your 9-5 job, the recent weathers been getting you down or u don’t know what to do with yourself. Do you dream of spending a whole summer partying all day and night with like minded people having the time of your life? You will be partying with thousands of people during the summer whilst having the most fun you’ve ever had at work!! Yes that’s right at Work!! Most of the jobs are related to bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc. The tourism season usually starts in May and lasts till the end of October. If interested, we would advize you to book a cheap/last minute holiday, preferably at the beginning of the season, talk to other workers, decide what you’d like to do, make yourself presentable and go around asking for employment. Don’t give up. Don’t take promises very seriously. Sooner or later you’ ll be offered a suitable job on the spot. Expect to earn around 30 euros/£20 and tips a day plus free drinks and possibly meals as well. Accommodation will cost you about 7€/£5 a day, meals around 3-6€/£2-4 each and drinks about 2€/£1.5 each. Sunbathing and good times for free. The following will give you information on everything you need to know for anybody who wants to live the dream and isn’t sure how to go about it.  

  Bedrock focuses on young British people who decide to go to Mediterranean holiday resorts to work for the summer season. Often fueled by dissatisfaction with their lives in the UK and their thirst for the hedonistic pleasures of these kinds of resorts where partying and excessive drinking is encouraged, the workers are pursuing a happier, more stimulating environment to spend their summer, surrounded by like-minded people. This work is inspired by my own experience in visiting and working in these resorts and the difference between the expectations and realities of what these places have to offer. My aim in returning to photograph these resorts is to question to what extent reality lives up to expectation and the practises and environments we engage with in an effort to make the two meet.

William Lakin

William Lakin is a British Photographer currently living and working in London.
Since graduating from university in 2013 he have been exhibiting in both the UK and internationally, most notably at Paris Photo in 2013. Lakin has been nominated and won multiple awards including a D&AD Student Yellow Pencil, Royal Photographic Society Under 30’s Gold Award and the SFR/Paris Photo Jeunes Talents Award.
For the past three years he has been photographing in holiday destinations around the Mediterranean focusing on the British presence in these resorts and more specifically the practice and mentality of the young people who choose to work in these places for a season. He has also been working on editorial assignments for The Guardian and The FT Weekend Magazine, as well as working as a Graduate Academic Assistant at Middlesex University, where he is currently studying for an MA in photography.

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