Leonardo Wen



“Eldorado” is a video project about the dictatorships established in some countries of Latin America, ever since the 60’s, in the context of the Cold War. Instead of using standard documentary material as source, I select frames taken from fiction films whose storylines took place in the countries that participated in the “Operation Condor" (a political-military alliance between several South American countries who shared information between them, and produced repression actions against individuals and groups that were considered to be subversive).
Through an intervention on the images with fire and a non-linear narrative, I look for the reinterpretation of some scenes that hark back to the atmosphere of violence lived in that period, and that make part of our collective imaginary. Thus establishing a parallel with our own processes of memory, the vague and imprecise part of this fluid set of memories, forgetfulness and reinterpretations.
The soundtrack, produced by Rafaela Prestes, was composed from the mixture and distortion of protest songs from the 60’s and 70’s.

Leonardo Wen

Born in Brasília in 1981, Leonardo studied photography in São Paulo, London and Lima. He currently lives in Rio de Janeiro. In his authorial work he explores themes related to space, landscape, politics and historical memory, using certain questionings about the limits of the photographic medium itself as a starting point, in the search for new visual possibilities, which emerge from the conflict between its quirks and vicissitudes. Leonardo also works as an editorial photographer, and participates in several national and international publications. He published two photo books about his hometown: MetaBrasília (Ed. do Autor, 2009) and Apto – A Moradia Moderna de Brasília (Tempo D’Imagem, 2011).

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Casa Esperança

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