Romy Pocztaruk

"Feira de Ciências & Carnaval dos Animais"

Feira de Ciências & Carnaval dos Animais

Feira de Ciências
In the series "Feira das Ciências", Romy Pocztaruk takes objects and scientific images, captured in science museums, and transposes them to the universe of art. Pocztaruk selects, chooses, captures and crops science images, placing them inside the universe of art and producing what she likes to call a "magical transmutation". By performing this action, the transfer (from science to art) becomes a performative act, and even magical, through which the origin of the first image is set aside, forgotten, to assume a new place, become an artistic proposition.

Carnaval dos Animais
Digital video, 20 minutes, 2014 In the video “Carnaval dos Animais”, Pocztaruk takes ownership of two glass balloons, commonly used in chemical laboratories, that are reused as aquariums and intertwined, each of them containing a sample of the domestic fish Beta type, a species known for its aggressiveness, which gives it the nickname "fighting fish". In this approach, proposed by the artist, it is generated a tension and from the intermittent ballet performed by the fish in that space results a drawing. The video soundtrack, which is composed by the composer Caio Amon, is a remix of excerpts from the play Le Carnival des Animaux from the composer Camille Saint-Saëns. On the ephemerality of time, a draw mediated by an animal and an object moved from its original place, enrolled in the fields of art, creates an artistic proposition.

Romy Pocztaruk

1983, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
She lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Romy Pocztaruk's photographic and videographic work deals with simulations and with the position from which the artist interacts with different places. She is also interested in the relations that may arise from the crossing of different fields and disciplines (such as science and communication) with the fields of art, generating poetic results in different means and media.
Among the main shows in which she participated are 31st Biennial of São Paulo (2014); BRICS (2014), OI Future Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Convite à Viagem – Rumos Artes Visuais (2011-13), Itaú Cultural, São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro/Goiânia, Brazil; 9th Biennial of MERCOSUL (2013), Porto Alegre, Brazil; Region 0-The Latino Video Art Festival of New York (2013), New York; 64th Salão Paranaense (2012), Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil; Journal of Contemporary Photography Prize, Casa das Onze Janelas, Belém do Para, Brazil; Percursos Simulados (2011), Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil; Simulated Pathways (2011), Skalitzer 140, Berlin, Germany. Also held artist residencies in China (Sunhoo Creatives in Residency), Bahia (Instituto Sacatar), Berlin (Takt Kunstprojektraum) and New York (Bronx Museum), through the Iberê Camargo Grant of artist residencies.

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