Silke Koch

"Figures After Gravity's Rainbow"

Figures After Gravity's Rainbow

“Figures After Gravity's Rainbow” is an ongoing series of photographs to examine the question of what is able to unleash the aesthetic and sociopolitical utopias of the universe/space. For me, the universe is primarily a symbolic space. For centuries, dreams and visions of people were about this, exploring worlds beyond the earth or even intending to colonize other planets. Otherwise, most people, including me, have seen the outer space only from the earth. What remains to me, is the imagination in everyday life: salt shakers, egg cups, thermos jugs and various vases to imagine strange worlds with bizarre everyday objects of the 1970s and 80s. Their outward appearance seems to recall the times when plastic and abstract interface design suggested ease, flexibility and a joyful future. 

Silke Koch

Silke Koch (b. 1964 in Leipzig, Germany), like many others of her generation, experienced life in a new reality after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Symbols, heroes, political systems and even simple dichotomies of "good or evil" lost their meanings or became contradictory and paradoxical, as new perceptions evolved regarding culture and politics. This was also an exciting starting point for Koch, who first embarked on her studies at the Leipzig School of Art only in 1993, graduating in 1998, and sealing it with a master-degree in 2003, with Prof. Astrid Klein as her mentor. Her research-based installations, photography and sculpture explore how artificial phenomena construct our contemporary reality or perceptions of that reality. Transparent, poetic, mostly minimal—her works of art offer translations of her personal biography and experience.

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