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In the past two decades, no place in the world has experienced a bigger IT boom than Bangalore, the Indian Silicon Valley. With over 80% of its population working in IT, it has become the Indian dream attracting youngsters from all over India to earn a good living here. The middle class is exponentially growing and the city has not only changed its visual infrastructure, but has also created a virtual world with no social boundaries. New liberal lifestyle severely clashes with everything the Indian culture has stood up to for the past 5000 years – strong family traditions, a society divided into casts and genders, and omnipresent religion with everyday rituals. The gap between Bangalore and the remote places these new Bangalorians come from grows massively. When visiting their families back home, they often encounter mutual misunderstanding. Before IT came to town, Bangalore used to be called the Garden city for its mild climate. Today, it is the IT companies that represent the heavenly garden on Earth with endless career opportunities and shiny western lifestyle. At first glance, it looks like a fairy tale with millions of happy IT characters. However, not everything that glitters is gold and there is much illusion behind the new Indian dream. Despite being extremely attractive, life of the IT generation brings confusion, depression, social isolation and undoubtable schizophrenia of identity. All of these phenomena start to appear in a city where everything happens with the growing speed of silicone’s capacity, but where protective culture has been preserved for centuries and centuries.

Zuzana e Daniel Laurinc

ZUZANA LAURINC HALANOVA (1978) was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. After finishing History of art in Bratislava, she has worked as a reporter for biggest Slovak radios and newspapers. Currently, she is studying at Institute of Creative Photography, in Opava, Czech Republic. She has exhibited her works in France, Portugal, Austria, Czech and Slovak republic. She took part in a photo workshop with Jonas Bendiksen. She is the wife and photographic partner of Daniel.

DANIEL LAURINC (1983) was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. After finishing the Faculty of philosophy in his hometown, he went off to Spain. He stayed four years there, studying photography in Barcelona. He represented his photographic institute (IEFC) at various international festivals and exhibitions such as the Sony World Photography Award in Cannes and Visa Off in Perpignan. He gained scholarships for workshops of the Magnum agency’s photographers Bruce Gilden, Jonas Bendiksen and Antoine d’Agata. He is the husband and photographic partner of Zuzana.

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