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“Floresta do Ginjal” was the most famous restaurant on the pier of Ginjal, in Cacilhas. Since it first opened, in the 40's, it became the meeting point between the two banks of Tejo river, an undeniable choice for several lunches, parties and weddings. It has completed its cycle. The intense life is followed by decline and, inexorably, death. Four decades later, in the 80's, it has closed its doors. The doors haven't been opened again... Without it, the whole pier lost its former brightness. 
Returning in each tide, dreams that live beyond time persist and emerge in the lives of the ones holding them... The old restaurant is reborn in the form of a ballroom. It's a magical and mysterious place, populated by fascinating characters: Lovers, dreamers, loners, eternal seducers... They all share a time that only exists there.
This work intends to portrait a place, that is part of my memory and part of the city I grew up in. Traveling to a time that was not mine, but to which I have gained access. Real lives are justified and extended in the dream. Simple desires, common ambitions. Deceiving loneliness, finding love. Dreams packed by the melodies that resonate from the pier of Ginjal.

Nuno Andrade

Nuno Miguel Andrade was born in Lisbon, in 1974. He currently lives and works in Almada, where he combines his personal projects with his work as an architect and designer. He studied photography at the Maumaus School between 1993 and 1995, and in the Atelier of Lisbon between 2014 and 2016. In the last years the author has been developing a documentary based work, where he explores the places and the people who share the city he lives, having Tagus River as a guide and a reference element.   Despite being recent, his work has already been exhibited in Lisbon, New Delhi and Goa. He was an award finalist at Photography Biennial of Vila Franca de Xira, in 2016.

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