Jordi Burch

"Havia Sol e Éramos Novos"

Havia Sol e Éramos Novos

When he moved to Brazil, in 2008, he began to perceive his country as a spectrum: with the distance, Portugal became, for him, the presence of an absence. The project “Havia Sol e Éramos Novos” originated from the will to go back to the people and the places that form what he considers to be his home. Since 2010, he visited Portugal a few times in order to go back to those affective references. If the initial aim was to get connected to the most particular references in his link with the country, he then realized that the images taken there would allow the entering of a melancholic atmosphere concerning the national collectiveness. The couple, Guillaume and Sandra, along with their son Gabriel, for example, were photographed in their empty apartment, the day they were leaving Portugal due to the strong economical crisis the country was facing. Two years after having concluded the pictures, and without ever having shown them to his portrayed friends, he asked if they could write him a letter commenting on his life at the time they were photographed. The figures and the scenarios that feature the pictures belong to his personal history. However, they carry the nostalgia of a foreigner. So, although there is, in this work, the expression of a desire to return home, something there seems to be always saying goodbye.

Jordi Burch

Born in Barcelona in the year of 1979, Jordi Burch went to Lisbon with four years old. Nowadays he lives in São Paulo. He is a member of the photography group - Kameraphoto - since 2007. Studied photography at the Ar.Co – Arts and Visual Cummunication Centre.
His works were published in magazines such as: Grande Reportagem, National Geographic, Playboy Brasil, Playboy Russa, Expresso, revista Pública, Revista Visão, Egoísta, Trip, Tpm, Serafina (folha de São Paulo), Courrier International, Santa Art Magazine, Financial Times Weekend Magazine, Le Monde e Granta.
In 2008 he starts to dedicate more time to his authorial work. Highlighting: “Neighbourhood”, Venice Architecture Biennale (2016); Exhibition “Fotos Contam Fatos”, with the book “Havia Sol e Éramos Novos” - Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo (2015); “Artistas Convidados”, at National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon (2014); "Se não me Engano, faz Angola”, Plataforma Revólver in Lisbon(2014); "O Rosto da Paisagem”, at the Museum AfroBrasil, in São Paulo, together with the writer Ondjaki (2013); “Sacrifício", at the Festival Encontros da imagem, in Braga (2012); “Hospital", collective at the Hospital Miguel Bombarda (2012); "Um Diário da República”, Fundação EDP, in Porto and PhotoEspaña - Cuenca (2011); “Processo", individual exhibition at Kgaleria, Lisbon (2011); "O Rosto da Paisagem”, individual exhibition with texts from angolan writer Ondjaki, at the Cultural Centre of Luanda (2010); "A State of Affairs”, collective at the gallery Plataforma Revólver, in Lisbon (2009); "Labirinto de Miradas”, Casa da Espanha, Mexico (2009); "Labirinto de Miradas”, at the Gallery Olido, São Paulo; "Labirinto de Miradas”, Freedom Tower Art Show, Miami (2009); New Life Berlin Contemporary Art Festival, Berlin(2008); "Amor Cachorro”, individual at the Gallery Nara Roesler, in São Paulo (2008); "Estamos Juntos”, individual exhibition at Casa Fernando Pessoa (2007).
In 2012 he became part of the artist residency - Triangle Network/Xerem, in Lisbon. In 2014 he participated in an artist residency at the National Museum of Ancient Arts, in the same city.

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