Julia Braga

"Hipóteses para Indícios de Partículas Fundamentais"

Hipóteses para Indícios de Partículas Fundamentais

We are witnessing the setting up of a worldwide catastrophic scenario, in which the idea of the world made for humans is inconsistent and unacceptable. On the contrary: the world and the human being are incompatible and that combination doesn't stop to move forward and to establish an irreversible process of destruction (of nature and politics) -the amazement is established as a fundamental human experience. This phenomenon can be called of Anthropocene, a post-metaphysical concept that assumes the "end of the world" as a condition of existence - a world without absolute fundaments in which all unity between science, art and religion is fragmented. In other words, all kinds of certainties, which bring some safety to the human being no longer exist. How is it possible, then, to speak about happiness in a world with no future? Maybe by assuming the anguish as a human condition, being able to enhance any kind of transformation in a space placed "between-fragments". It was by relating these issues with the scientific concept of fundamental particles that made it possible for the appearance of the matter from which all of us were generated, that I've developed my work “hipóteses para indícios de partículas fundamentais”. This work emerges from the impossibility of conceiving any "truth" speech, because I have the notion that both the objects and the language itself are insufficient for such an aspiration. This is a collection of images placed into unusual plots, which deal with the notion of rupture and fragmentation. A set of images is put in relation to everyday scenes or to science fiction experiments, in order to provide reflection of a big myth-physical system in collapse.

Julia Braga

Julia was born in Fortaleza. She currently lives and works in São Paulo-SP. She is a visual artist who studied Social Communication at the University of Fortaleza and completed a master's degree in Arts at the University of Arts London, in Graphic Moving Images. Since 2009 she has participated in group exhibitions at the MAC - Museum of Contemporary Art from the Arts and Cultural Centre Dragão do Mar (2009), Brazilian House Museum (2009), The Well Gallery (2009), Universitatät der Künste Berlin (2011), and Candid Arts Galley (2012). She participated in the Brighton Photo Fringe 2013,  Mostra Triangulações 2015, Festival Outono Fotográfico - Galicia (2015), Encontros de Agosto 2015. Recently she won awards in Temporada de Arte Cearense - 2015 and in the 67th Salão de Abril (2016).

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