Diane Vincent

"I Join the Crystal-Eyed Turtle's Hand"

I Join the Crystal-Eyed Turtle's Hand

“I Join the Crystal-eyed Turtle‘s Hand” is an invitation to open our imagination, following an age-old wise creature. It‘s offering to participate in reality through multiple layers, while listening to a polyphonic universe overflowed with colors. It can be seen as an experiment in being playful, light-hearted and magnanimous. Nature is captured visually in a visionary, fictive way and in the background a sound carpet of creatures can be heard.   

Diane Vincent

Diane Vincent lives in Berlin, and works both as an artist and freelance photographer. In her work she follows the impulse to expand, whether into places she finds in the physical world or into inner spaces. To make books is one of her passions. Vincent’s first self-published photobook OBEN was shortlisted for a book award at the Unseen Photofair in Amsterdam, selected for LensCulture ‘Photobooks of the Year 2014’, and has since been featured in several exhibitions and photobook shows. Vincent released her second publication i join the crystal-eyed turtle’s hand as a limited edition in December 2015. The work was shown for the first time during the 48 Hours Neukoelln Festival in Berlin, June 2016. In April 2016 she joined Exposure Twelve, a collective of photographers aiming to develop contemporary photography through a space for meetings and exchange.

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Casa Esperança

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