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"J.B. about men floating in the air"

J.B. about men floating in the air

"J.B. About Men Floating in the Air" was inspired by the story of two Lithuanian-American pilots who tried to set a new world record by flying over the Atlantic into Eastern Europe in the early 1930s. I found a reference to the attempt in a Joseph Brodsky poem and decided to create my own ‘parallel world’ in black-and-white images. My story is about the dream of every person to break out from the vice of all kinds of prohibitions and fly away to a distant unknown in search of unlimited freedom and find there his true motherland and real home. Also it is a story about a personal attempt doomed to fail to find a way to himself through time and space, breaking the invisible boundary between himself and his mirror twin, the mortal Castor and immortal Pollux. At first I made a series of documentary photographs to get the effect of stopped time, but then decided that it was necessary to increase a gap between the documentary and imaginary world, therefore I added a few collages and drawings. In the result the book was made in Leporello format, which allows the viewers to choose how to browse the images and find their own ending in this story.

Julia Borissova

Julia Borissova was born in Tallinn, Estonia. She lives in St.Petersburg where she graduated from the program “Photography as a Research”, 2011-2013, Foundation of Informational and Cultural projects ‘FotoDepartament’. Her work has been exhibited in national and international solo and group shows. Julia Borissova is finalist of The FotoFilmic’ 2015 Competition; Belfast Photo Festival, 2015; San Francisco International Photography Competition, 2014; the winner of the 2013 International Fine Art Photography Competition in the experimental category; the competition “The Baltic Photo Biennale. Photomania” in the Fine Art category; participant at Slideluck Napoli, 2016; Belfast Photo Festival 2016; FOTOGRAFIA - Festival Internazionale di Roma, 2015; The FotoFilmic Traveling Exhibition 2016; Bitume Photofest, Italy, 2014 and the Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2013 TWENTY. Julia Borissova considers photography a way of research and recognition the intangible meaning in the world. She explores ideas of the image and the materiality of the medium of photography, employs a greater variety of photographic techniques and styles. Her interest is in the conceptual side of the work. During the last years she focused her artistic expression through photo book projects.

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