Marta Bisbal



Build your film on white, on silence, and on stillness.
Robert Bresson.

I lived for some time in the new house with almost empty rooms. I soon realised that a spectacle of light and shadows took place on the walls, as banal as it was extraordinary. Night and day, light either flooded the room or filtered subtly through the blinds. I began to observe it and to let myself be observed by it: deliberate, transient, ever changing. As I wondered about perception, I was gradually enthralled by these walls and the moments of contemplation became increasingly intense. Interwoven with the cosmic movement, the light dramatized its passage by daily integrating the register of slight variations with perfect precision. Hence, this was an eloquent expression of the Greek Kosmos: an essential order that permeates all surfaces, all dimensions, from the most minute to the vastest, from the physical to the immaterial. The camera, acting as a double of the room in reverse, reproduced the Kosmos and gave shape to a film on light, silence and stillness.

Marta Bisbal

Marta Bisbal was born in Catalonia in 1974. Graduated and Ph.D. in Law, Master of Journalism. In 2010 she opts for visual arts as a tool of research and personal reflection. She is interested in photography as contemplation, also as a vital way of approach and discovery of the surroundings. She tries to express herself through a language based on the appreciation of minimum variations and movements. She is attracted by the idea of exploring things that could go unnoticed, since this research brings her to think about perception and the act itself of looking. Her first project, Kosmos, has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions. In January 2016, Kosmos photobook has been released, as part of Cuadernos de la Kursala collection. This work has been shortlisted at several festivals and awards, among them Moscow International Foto Awards, Athens Photo Festival, Nexofoto Iberoamerican Photography Prize, Art Photo Bcn, Encontros da Imagem, Pa-ta-ta Festival and PHotoEspaña Discoveries.

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