Rochele Zandavalli

"Me Desculpe, foi Apenas um Lapso"

Me Desculpe, foi Apenas um Lapso

The exhibition consists of a series of photographs made by the use of Polaroid, performed between 2000 and 2016. These are personal, autobiographical records, which did not have the pretension of being exposed as art when taken, but they've reached a density that made me rethink of its importance, its meaning, and its power. The vernacular aesthetics, as well as the failures and deletions, are potentiated in order to symbolise the imperfections of life and affective relations. The fragility of the artifice in relation to the photograph as a memory is presented in the noise and incompleteness of the images. Those images are our faded ghosts, but are also glaring lights, such in a first glance. Pure irony: in an attempt to perpetuate life we record its impermanence. I get baffled, because I was taught that one must always be assertive, and make it last. They sold us the illusion that most of the time we are right, but in this pursuit of the idealized happiness we are constantly shrouded in noise and in attempts that get overlapped, merged, and become diffuse. I go through myself. Such thing like error and to be right does not exist.

Rochele Zandavalli

Rochele holds a master's degree in Visual Poetics by PPGAV, by the Arts Institute of UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts by the same Institute. She works as press office photographer at the UFRGS and as a professor in Technological Graduation in Photography courses and in Audiovisual Film making, in Unisinos (University of Vale dos Sinos).
She participated in important exhibitions and shows such as these individuals: Me Desculpe, foi Apenas um Lapso, at Acervo Independente, Porto Alegre, 2016; Rever, at Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre, 2012, exhibited afterwards at Centro Ordovás Filho in Caxias do Sul, 2013; and Oculto, Lunara Gallery, Usina do Gasômetro, Porto Alegre, 2009.
Her photographic works can be seen in Joaquim Paiva's Collection in lending with the MAM/RJ (Modern Arts Museum of Rio de Janeiro), in the collections of the Vera Keys Barcellos Foundation, MARGS (Arts Museum of Rio Grande do Sul), and MAC/RS (Contemporary Arts Museum of Rio Grande do Sul). She has also participated in the collectives: Caro, Cara: related portraits, at the MARGS collection and guest artists, at MARGS (Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul), Porto Alegre, 2015; Queira, at Histórias na Garagem, Porto Alegre, 2015; Neblina, MAC/RS collection, Porto Alegre, 2014; De Humani Corporis Fabrica, at the Arts Museum of Rio Grande do Sul (MARGS), 2013; Entregue à Plenitude, at Galeria Ecarta, Porto Alegre, 2013; Idades Contemporâneas, by MAC/RS, 2012; Labirintos da Iconografia, at the Arts Museum of Rio Grande do Sul (MARGS), Porto Alegre, 2011; Panorâmica, Usina do Gasômetro, Porto Alegre, 2009; Xirugravuras, at Choque cultural, São Paulo/SP, and at the Work Museum, Porto Alegre, 2009; Sobreimagem, at the ECARTA Gallery, Porto Alegre, 2007.

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