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“Multiverse” adopts the physics theory that infinite possible universes exist including our own. Explored is the idea of individual mind-space as a parallel universe of expanding potentials for sustainable values and emotions. Thinking, emotions and matter inseparably connected are cosmic cross-roads, like atoms appearing and disappearing, where everything can happen and transform. Thoughts become something: thinking and believing systems clashing explosively and constant change challenge at a social, ecological, cultural and individual level of existence and consciousness.
The perpetual speeding up of technological mechanization repeats the old promise to offer more ‘free time’ to ‘enjoy’ life more. Promises, which seduce their consumers, while they may become over-stimulated and bombarded with a cacophony of images and information. However, the archaic need for contemplation and simple natural connection remains unchanged since stone-age.
Straight and multi-exposed photographs are displayed together with reconstructed photographs, layered into three-dimensional, holographic-like, translucent photo-sculptures. The sculptures are visible from all sides and change depending on the viewer’s standpoint. Architecture and portraiture are combined with shadows, light-reflections and voids: ephemeral emphasizing the presence of materiality, as well the dematerializing impermanence of the physical suggesting a shift into the invisible exciting aspects of life.

Renée Chabot

Renée Chabot is a Swiss-Dutch artist with a background in documentary photography, followed by a master’s degree in architecture from the Swiss University of Technology, ETH-Zürich.
  Working as a light designer, she created a grid layered-based domestic constructivist lighting sculpture that dissolves visually interior spaces; this system was produced and distributed in Europe from 2001-2011. The concept of layers extends into her photographic work, in which she attempts to dematerialize the boundaries between the ephemeral and the tangible. Inspired by her international work-life experiences between photography, architecture and light, she finds the cultural and anthropological differences both stimulating and uncovering, like an archaeologist.
Comparative observations of human motivation and personal identity are of equal fascination to Chabot, reflecting in her work. Her personal enduring quest is to find that inseparable link between mind and matter, fiction and reality.

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This house is yet another example that combines use with ambition, residential utility with ostentation. Attributed to André Soares, it may have been built for a merchant...

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