Piotr Zbierski

"Push the Sky Away"

Push the Sky Away

Traces and seams of what was before the image.
Archaeology, which is not a linear reconstruction, but the recognition of the co-existence of times. Mental and actual time, aiming to extract structure, which asks about where it came from; existence of present as a result of anthropological crossing for centuries. Structure that breathes now but is all covered with ashes of ancestors.
It lies in tradition of the emotions, rituals, conciseness and behaviour circulating in common area, which photography has access to. I see this time as a non-linear, as the unity with the different states of matter. It is obvious that micro-movements of individual praying or reaching transcendent elation have been guided by completely different meanings of time. I want to tell about the common origins, which lies in nature, its powers and observation. Road back to primeval village? As muddy as postmodern democracy that has failed. Neo – primordial.
I am interested in how our body and interior reacts on emotional states. That separates a common part that is independent of time and culture. World and humanity cannot be reinvented - it is too old; water is not the place for scorpion because everything is interdependent. Certainly I do not trust today's virtuality. For me it is like led shadow of night bonfires luminance. It is known that is the substitute, even instant Chinese soups are tasty but you can't survive on them. Well, unless someone is doing business, but this is different topic. Photography is all about taking the right direction.
In a sense each of us begins and ends life from primordiality. Staring from the sense of touch that orients in actuality, allowing to feel it by his own feet and ends in the common elements of nature; natural - so well known - circulation, but in contrary to the notion of human development. The world is too old for such games, the world coexist.
At the bottom of my attitude, photography is a sensual meeting with people.

Piotr Zbierski

Piotr Zbierski (b. 1987) Phd studies in photography at National Film School. In 2012 he won the prestigious prize for young photographer Leica Oscar Barnack Newcomer Award. His work was nominated to Deutsche Börse Photography Prize and has been shortlisted in many other prizes (Les Nuits Photographiques 2012, Terry O’Neill Award) for his series “Pass by Me”.
His works are in collection of Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts and Musee de Elyse.
He lives and works in Lodz.

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