Andrea e Magda

"Sinai Park"

Sinai Park

“Sinai Park” explores the consequences of mass tourism in the region of Sinai in Egypt. The economy of Sinai relies almost exclusively on tourism industry: a risky bet, since as soon as political tensions occur, the entire region that is deeply affected. The Sinai cost, covered with ghost resorts, is a desolate territory. The bedouins suffer from a strict policy of military control and remain mostly excluded from the tourist business. On this piece of land, strategic point between Africa and Asia, the development of the tourist industry led by investors from Cairo and the Golf area have completely transformed the region, with oversized constructions, and artificial and naive architecture. General Sisi, who came to power in June 2014, attempted to restore investor's trust, showing off its many militaries assets as a proof a control. The photos of this series reveal what the pipe dream of tourism industry left in Sinai: it's scenery of one thousand and one nights, fitting with the tourist's expectations, has become a giant “non-place”, following the expression of the ethnologist Marc Augé “a world disconnected with the local reality, conforming to the imagery of a standardized folklore”.

Andrea e Magda

Andrea and Magda are a duo of photographers from France and Italy. They live and work in the Middle East since 2008. Their work focuses on the effects of globalization on society, economy and territory in the Middle East. Their first project, “Palestinian Dream” pictures the transformations of Palestine modelled by economic liberalism. It was exhibited at Le Mois de la Photo, in Paris 2014 and was awarded with 1st prize of Premio Tabò. In “Sinai Park”, they explore the consequences of mass tourism on the territory of Sinai, Egypt. It was exhibited in 2015 at la Maison Européenne de la Photo, in Paris, and it was awarded 2nd winner project at the Sony World Photography Awards 2016, in current affairs category. They are currently working on a new project in Lebanon, on the reflect of the society through Televisual imaginary. Their work has been published in magazines internationally (Newsweek Japan, Courrier International, Sunday Times Spectrum magazine, Internazionale, Vrij Nederland, Mare...)

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