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From the beginning, Federica Landi has perceived photography in a perspective of construction, using it as a visual language for “spatial investigations”. A pivotal element of her research is the relationship between the human presence and the environment. The investigated space is the one created by man himself by the simple act of seeing. Perceptions are thus conceived not as static systems, but they come into active play through movements and responses that inevitably leave trails behind them.
“Spectrum” is a project born from the interest in the way men negotiate and reshape the landscape through their own perceptions and their need of re-appropriation of it using “technological filters”. The aim of the project is to investigate the contemporary attitude to modify the landscape through artificial devices, treating it as an aesthetic object and a customized visual experiment, rather than an element existing in its own right. The purpose is also to better understand the tensions generated by new media on human perceptions by constantly “filtering” our experience of seeing. The landscape presented in the series depicts both urban and suburban areas. The photographer juxtaposed pieces of colourful Plexiglas between the lens and the landscape creating distortions and reflections. Here the aim of the photographer is not the one of documenting: she rather means to start a process of re-appropriation of the space imagining her photo-camera to perform the same tricks of an iPhone, hiding and changing its colours and forms in a playful way.

Federica Landi

Federica Landi is an Italian visual artist working mainly in photography, an independent curator and lecturer. Besides participating in several group exhibitions in Europe, USA and UK, her work has been published on several international magazines and platforms. Federica has recently taken part in “Sideways”, an exhibition showcasing seven young Italian talents as part of Fotografa Europea Festival 2016, and then selected to represent Italy in Mediterranea Youth Photo, a photography production project which will bring her through itinerant residencies in France and Portugal over autumn 2016. Federica covered the role of curator and organizer of exhibitions for the London based, photography agency Millennium Images from 2012 to 2014, where she was also in charge of the international photography competition, exhibition and award Peaches & Cream with the aim of discovering and supporting emerging talents. She joined the panel of judges and curators of SiFest OFF, the independent branch of the well-established photography Festival SIFest, in September 2015. In April 2016, Federica founded RIU-PROJECT, a space in Rimini dedicated to the current debate and research in contemporary photography. 

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