Frederico Malaca

"The Elephant Inside the Snake"

The Elephant Inside the Snake

"...When you are a kid you see life as it truly is, you see the newness and fullness of life. Then after a certain age the mind begins to take over and begins to block out life and turn life into its mental code for life." Comment about a video on YouTube from the user Ansel Adams. “The Elephant Inside the Snake” is a work about childhood, growth and the apprenticeship inherent to the human beings during their first years of life. A stage for discovery, imagination and dream. Away from the weight of the responsibilities in adulthood, childhood is a period in which the being is free and prone to the absorption and interpretation of the world that surrounds him, as well as to the construction of his own. This work was produced from the images that left a mark upon me in my childhood, depicting 10 years of existence. For a child who was born in the mid 80's and grown in the early 90's, television represented a door to the world. Although the flow of images wasn't so powerful and available as nowadays, those ones surrounding me were able to trigger my creativity and imagination. I remember during my childhood to revisit over and over again my parents' photographic and video archive. The images that composed those archives were repeated to the point of shaping in my mind the memories of childhood. The title of this work was taken from Saint-Exupéry's, “The Little Prince”, at the very beginning of the history, where the narrator as a child draws an elephant inside a snake but the adults can only interpret it as a hat. Saint-Exupéry criticizes the inability of an adult to imagine and to dream, which so often serves to feature the period of childhood and what seems to be lost with the turn to adulthood. Fortunately I have been able to preserve this side of enchantment, magic and fascination with the world around me. If one day this magic disappears, it will also disappear the need to give acquaintance of my world to others.

Frederico Malaca

Born in 1986, he grew up in the middle of photo albums and VHS tapes. His contact with his parents’ collection of images was crucial to establish a very particular relation with the photographic world. Even though photography was always present in his life, it was only in the end of his childhood that he found in this medium, a way to express his ideas and thoughts about the world around him. His work is divided in researches about the archive, and the journal and personal register, being the camera an object that accompanies him daily. Although the photographic record exerts a great influence on his practice, editing and the materialization are also important factors for the construction of his projects.

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The Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, former Motherhouse of the English Benedictine Congregation, was acquired by the Portuguese State in 1986 and assigned to the Portuguese...

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