Roger Guaus

"The Hub"

The Hub

"The Hub" is an interconnection centre, in the field of computer networks, which implies, collision. “The Hub” is an interpretation made from the collisions of interest when covering connection topics, such as religion, violence and death. This interpretation is embedded in a field of tension, which does not give room for rest, relax or serenity.

Roger Guaus

The work of Roger Guaus is always related to the personal research, especially balancing the conceptual and poetical level at the same time, often dealing with intimacy, with identity or with his relationship with the others. In this field, he presented works like Diaris d’un fotògraf (2009-2010), where he tries to kill the mites that carry his role as a photographer; The believer (PES/01, Standard Illustrated Books, 2011), where he shows the incomprehension that his mother feels about his deep interest on arts and photography; L’inassolible - The unreachable (Ca l’Isidret Edicions, 2012), a comment on the relationship that he had with his father and a homage to his person; Persones que em recorden a mon pare 1948-2008 (2012), a series of images that he downloaded from internet of people that reminds him to his father, and Diari íntim (2007-2047), a work where he pushes himself to face real intimate stuff like bank and notarial documents (not photographs). The Hub (Ca l’Isidret Edicions, 2013) also belongs to this corpus of work. Meanwhile, in 2012 he created Ca l’Isidret Edicions with the photographers Juan Diego Valera and Aleix Plademunt to publish their own works (

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