Sam Harris

"The Middle of Somewhere: Don’t Worry, smile, Nothing will happen"

The Middle of Somewhere: Don’t Worry, smile, Nothing will happen

Sam Harris

Sam Harris started his career in 1990 photographing editorial portraits and sleeve art for numerous recording artists in London. Through the ‘90s Sam’s career took off, and he evolved into one of London’s leading young portrait photographers, regularly shooting international assignments for top UK publications, record labels and design studios. Towards the turn of the millennium, Sam became increasingly disillusioned by his sense of an over commercialised music business, and he yearned for something more meaningful and lasting. So he decided to abandon his London career; in favour of turning his camera inwards, having quality time with his family and slowing down. After several nomadic years with his young family between India and Australia, Sam settled in the forests of southwestern Australia. In 2015 he published his acclaimed photo book ‘The Middle of Somewhere’ which was the recipient of 2015 Lucie Award and was a finalist in POYi, Les Rencontres d’Arles Book Award, Australian Photobook of the Year and GuatePhoto.

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Medieval Hall's Gallery

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