Klaus Pichler

"This will change your life forever"

This will change your life forever

Have you ever had the feeling that you are opposed to something from the bottom of your heart - and precisely because of this begin to develop interest for it? Exactly that happened when I involuntarily got in touch with a topic known as ‘esotericism‘, ‘energetics‘ or ‘new age‘. Someone from my closest surroundings began to drift into this scene after a life crisis - his worldview became irrational, speculative, partly bizarre and slightly paranoid, he spent his savings in strange seminars, products and services and shut himself off from the ‘real world‘. What remained was helplessness and anger - and a strange interest in what might have changed him from a rationalist being into one who believed in angels and ‘subtle energy‘. So I began a research to find out what this esotericism world is all about, how it functions and what makes it so appealing. I discovered a widespread system of abstruse contents in an enormous bandwidth, all provided with the promise of salvation, and marketing machinery, which aims to sell an immense number of products and services. Esotericism in all its forms is offering simplifying explanatory models of the world by taking ‘energies‘ or ‘higher forces‘ responsible for literally everything, ignoring basic laws of medicine and science. The target group of esotericism suppliers and service providers is mostly people in difficult life situations - illnesses, traumas, strokes of fate, psychic issues and so on. In most of the cases a certain deficit opens the mind for this way of thinking or the promises of salvation given by the providers, who hold the prospect of improvement by the use of their offers. Ultimately it is, put this way, a cynical game with (unfulfilled) hopes and wishes, ending with the fact that nothing has changed in terms of the original problems, but a number of new problems (like financial difficulties, psychosocial issues, loss of reality, social withdrawal, just to name a few) has been added. Nothing in this project is invented - not by me at least. I have stumbled upon all the content of this project in my research in exactly this form. The photos of this project fit into four categories: photos of esotericism products (ordered in online shops), photos of ‘energetic‘ topics, techniques and contents (visualized from the results of my research), restaged photos of esotericism services (found in online forums) and finally restaged ‘photographic evidences‘ (from social media as well).

Klaus Pichler

Klaus Pichler was born in 1977, and lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Studied Landscape Architecture, with diploma 2005, and since 2005 has been working as a freelance photographer and artist. Klaus Pichler is represented by Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna, Austria and Gallery Rockelmann-&, Berlin, Germany.

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