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Join us on the opening of Encontros da Imagem's happiest edition, the only visual arts festival in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe.

The Official Opening Ceremony will be on Tuesday, September 20th, at Mosteiro de Tibães. Join us at 5pm, where our full full program will be presented, and we'll open the exhibition. There will be a bus available to take you to Tibães, departing from Basic Braga at 4:30pm and check your directions to Tibães here.


Memory Lab of Happiness is the result of the open call launched in the beginning of 2016, and that sought to find the most recent and relevant works on memory and happiness in our contemporary society. Encontros da Imagem thrives in searching for the new voices in Photography and we found 21 authors, amongst more than 300 applications from about 15 countries, that proved to have the most consistent approach to this year's subject.

The selected artists were Adrián Portugal, Alexandra Polina, Amy Friend, Andrea & Madga, Catherine Leutenegger, Daniel Laurinc & Zuzana Laurinc Halanova, Eliane Diefenthaeler Heuser, Frederico Malaca, João Ferreira, João António Mota, Julia Borissova, Julia Braga, Kristin Trüb, Laís Pontes, Marta Zgierska, Matías Costa, Rochele Zandavalli, Silke Koch, Sonja Hamad and William Lakin.

Throughout this selection, Photography raises questioning of the utopia of Happiness offered by religions and political projects over the years. The authors here presented reshape their worldview through uncertain, ambiguous and polysemic images, becoming the reflection of the instability and fragility of the contemporary thought. This series of images follow the rhythms of the human belief ensuring a journey through the paths of human frailty.

Check our website for more on Memory Lab of Happiness


Strong personal views of confrontation or criticism allow these photos to show us Paradise, but also Hell. Jacques Prévert, French poet and writer, describes Happiness as a sense of memory, of something that has already happened, by "the noise it makes when it leaves." The contemporary illusion seems to be the insatiable and voracious demand for happiness.

Part of the Memory Lab of Happiness is the Discovery Award Projection, a selection of works that reflect that search for happiness, and will be continuously projected at Mosteiro de Tibães. 

The selected authors are Desirée Barros Ferreira, Dimitri Karpidou, Eloísa Ejarque, Fabrizio Bilello, Filippo Menichetti and Martin Errichiello, Francesco Amorosino, Gabriel Carpes, Ana and Sofia Telles, Jana Ritchie, Julie Balagué, Katerina Tsakiri, Kunstsoff (Janosch Boerckel & Tim Dechant), Lise Dua, Magda Kuva, Marco Castelli, Pedro Diogo, Tiago Coelho and Tuany Lima.


After the Opening Ceremony at Mosteiro de Tibães, the celebration will continue in Convento de São Francisco, a new place Encontros da Imagem will occupy this year, to open the exhibition Under the Same Sun.  

Together with the Archeology Unit, Encontros da Imagem recognises the power of history and heritage, and cause contamination of both territories, to enrich the present and inspire the future. This collaboration underscores a mutual commitment to tell visual stories, in line with the history and transformations experienced by the Convento de São Francisco de Real.

The exhibition is composed of the works of Klaus Pichler, This will change your life forever, Georges Pacheco, Amalthée, Roger Guaus, The Hub and Susan Barnett, Not In Your Face


Find all about this year's edition of Encontros da Imagem at encontrosdaimagem.com.

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