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Festival Encontros da Imagem 2016


26th ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM September 20th to November 5th

OPENING SOLAR WEEK - 20th September to 25th September

The big opening of the festival was at Mosteiro de Tibães on Tuesday, September 20, with the opening of Memory Lab of Happiness, one of the main exhibitions of the Festival this year, and marked the beginning of the Opening Solar Week. For five days we opened exhibitions in 14 different places, hosted a PhotoBook Market, several book launches, workshops and a Symposium, projected several works, had the Emergentes dst Portfolio Review for two days and a bunch of parties and good moments. 

During our Opening Solar Week, we received more than 200 artists, critics, editors and photographers directly involved in the festival, and visited by hundreds of people not only from Braga and the surrounding cities, but also several international visitors. We were able to provide an unique opportunity for people from different backgrounds to feel interested and engaged in our festival, always coming back for more, and making it one of the most successful editions so far. So we'd like to give a big THANK YOU! to all the artists, critics, editors and general public that participated this year.

We remind everyone that the festival goes until November 5, and you can still check all the exhibitions:

1. Museu da Imagem - Malick Sidibé, "La Vie en Rose" 

2. Conselho Cultural da Universidade do Minho / Largo do Paço - Sam Harris, "The Middle of Somewhere"

3. Avenida Central - "Território Expandido"

4. Casa Rolão + 100ª Página Renée Chabot "Multiverse" and Postcards From Portugal

5. Museu Nogueira da Silva "Songs from the Heart"

6. Casa dos Crivos - Vivane Sassen, "Lexicon"

7. Casa Esperança -  "Sentimental Ballads" + PhotoBook Market

8. B Concept Store - Victor Enrich and Julio Galeote

9. gnration - Romy Pocztaruk, "Feira de Ciências & Carnaval dos Animais" (this exhibiton remains until  October 22)

10. Mosteiro de Tibães - Memory Lab of Happiness 

11. Convento de S. Francisco - Exhbitions by Georges PachecoKlaus PichlerRoger Guaus e Susan Barnett.

12. Juno Café - Havia Sol e Éramos Novos 

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