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In this edition of the Festival Encontros da Imagem - 30 years, a year of celebration, there will be no specific theme. The works of several artists, national and international, can be seen, as they will be spread over several public and private spaces (historic buildings, museums, galleries and others).

Reestablishing an old practice, of decentralisation, the Festival Encontros da Imagem aims to contribute to a regionalisation through the culture, therefore this year it will be expanded to the neighbouring cities of the urban quadrilateral (Barcelos, Guimarães and Vila Nova de Famalicão) and also Porto.

The programme is expected to include 34 exhibitions, being 24 of them in the city of Braga and other 10 allocated in the other four cities.

In Braga, the exhibitions will occupy 10 different spaces (Tibães Monastery, Monastery of St. Francis of Real, Museum of the Image, Regional Archaeological Museum D. Diogo de Sousa, Nogueira da Silva Museum, Medieval Hall of the University of Minho's Rectorate, Residence of the Crivos, Casa Esperança, Train Station Gallery and B-Lounge of the Main Library of University of Minho.

The remaining exhibitions, which constitute a significant extension of the Festival to other cities, will occupy 8 different spaces:  Barcelos (Gil Vicente Theatre and Municipal Tourism Gallery), Guimarães (Alberto Sampaio Museum and B-Lounge of the Main Library of the University of Minho) and Vila Nova de Famalicão (Soledade Malvar House), with 2 exhibitions in each of these cities. In the city of Porto, there will be 4 exhibitions, 2 in the Palace Viscounts of Balsemão, 1 in Mira Forum Gallery and the other at the Gallery of the IPCI-Institute for Cultural Production and Image.

In this year's programme, there was an innovative invitation directed to artists in order to create works in many different media formats, establishing a dialogue with the photographic works from the Festival's collection.

The Festival will still focus on the Portuguese photography, with a large participation of national artists, not only in individual exhibitions but also in collectives. This will be an opportunity for the launching of emerging authors, especially Europeans, through the selected exhibitions from the Open Call. The Festival will also exhibit works from its collection, belonging to some classic authors, creating contrast with  contemporary authors.


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