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The Festival Encontros da Imagem celebrates this year 30 years of existence. With its first edition held in 1987 and despite it has started from an old Association linked to the practice of amateur photography and film, the project Encontros da Imagem has been gradually taking shape, resetting itself progressively, to adapt to the aesthetic and formal developments of creative and contemporary photography, not forgetting classic authors.

At a time when the image acquires an unexpected strength, which is demonstrated by its power to captivate and even to deceive, the territories of photography have increasingly gained importance and vivacity.

Every year, during the months of September and October, the Festival Encontros da Imagem occupy many different historical buildings, museums and galleries. In these various spaces, a wide public has the opportunity to watch numerous exhibitions, organised in various themes.

After twenty-six editions and 30 years, the Festival Encontros da Imagem became nowadays an almost unique reference of the photographic culture in Portugal, and has reached a prominent position in the international panorama, being currently one of the oldest and renowned photography festivals in Europe.

By celebrating 30 years since its first edition and launch of the International Festival Encontros da Imagem, the current Board of Directors of the Association, propose to implement, as a commemorative feature, the inauguration of a Gallery. In this regard and considering in particular the fact that the Association occupies now a new space in the old building of Braga's train station, the Board of Directors propose to turn it into a space of reference, considering itself as a project of dissemination of photography, in a line of continuity of the main objectives of the Festival Encontros da Imagem, to be developed throughout the year.

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