My grandparents haven’t left many things during his long life, except the cultural richness that have sent to me and my cousins. They never believed in material possessions, but in the inner richness and some ethical principles handed down to us. Among the low estate they left, there are albums of photographs and letters that my grandmother wrote to her mother, who was in Lisbon, during the period in which they lived in India between 1951 and 1961. I spent my whole life listening to “stories of India” told by my mother and by my grandparents, sometimes each had their version of the same stories to tell but many kept untold… This work resulted from my research on their lives, seeking to unveil and discover what was unsaid, sometimes filling the gaps. Discovering the personnel file of my family and its history and their secrets kept for so many years, I came to know once again these two young people I met throughout my life. Here are some stories that are also mine.


Ana Janeiro


Ana Janeiro (Lisbon, 1978) studied photography at AR.CO in 1997/98. She has a Degree in Painting, by the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon (2002) and a Master of Arts in Photography from the Kent Institute of Art and Design, Rochester, Kent, (2003). Exhibits regularly since 2005. Teaches at the Atelier of Lisbon – School of Photography and Visual Arts Centers.