“As Long As We Have Each Other” is a sequence of images that further than explaining the space and time context of each one, incarnate the pieces of a puzzle from the author’s inner narrative. These photographs, made between 2011 and 2012 in Portuguese territory, are transformed by means of their sequence and context into a personal speech, a reflection on the themes pointing out the direction of this work: solitude, journey and destiny.
The combination of the images end up putting out of context spaces and main characters at the expense of storytelling, a mysterious walk into the details of the author’s personal everyday life experiences. Nothing you can see was rehearsed or set up. All the photographs were taken within the normal course of each day. Hidden in the small moments of the author’s natural path, these images divert from the idea of a documental diary and rather attach to a more emotional and mysterious narrative, where little details gain the proportion of more relevant interpretations.