In this exhibition, Jaime Vasconcelos presents a series of images resulting from his historical research about some of the revolutions that took place in the Western and Eastern world, since before Christ until the 20th century. We’re talking about digital compositions referring to historical situations which interested the artist in a very personal and political choice. In «Revolutions», Jaime Vasconcelos tell us about moments of these stories through colour, textures, and painted gestures, all digitally inserted in the composition of plans created by the different reading layers. The deconstruction of photography, or rather, the construction of another image, generates new shapes and narratives, being subjacent the author’s subjective perspective. Jaime Vasconcelos carries on, this way, his artistic path in which the photography/image function more as a tool and not as an end in itself. This process, which started in 2007, is formally among Photography, Painting, and Drawing, detaching from the photographed reality and producing images of strong plastic nature.