This is a familly album of a photographer. A very traditional and popular subject, yet constructed in a more cunning way. In following chapters it deals with different aspects of personal reality. However it is not a documentary project, it documents the way this personal reality is oriented and structured and how the photographer sees the intimate world arround him. The blend of reality with fiction, the cinematic tension and the emotional approach creates the language for photographer to express the essence of his esthetic attitude. It also makes the variation of the place where the spectator is being invited to see that sentimental fiction. “Rysa and other stories” contains photographs taken between 2008 and 2013 presenting the photographer’s wife Ajka (from the chapter”Sentimental Fiction”) and photographer’s son Fryderyk (from the chapter “Rysa”)

Jakub Karwowski

Born in 1985 in Krakow, Poland. Studied Musicology in the Jagiellonian University and Photography in the Filmschool in Lodz. Using the tradition of family photography he concentrates his work on emotions and the observation of the personal reality. Since 2008 he is photographing his own family, making following chapters of his “family album”, which as separate and individual projects show his fascination of film, painting and music esthetic. Using visual elements of other disciplines he creates his own photographic narration shown in projects: ‘Summersweed’, ‘Vanila Sky’, ‘Private Maps’, ‘Sentimental Fiction’ and ‘Rysa’. He lives with his family in Krakow where he works in fields of photography, film, music and design.