Quotidian-festivity refers to those yearly actions and traditions that are part of the rites and activities belonging to the cultural body of any community. These are actions that hold the transmission of ancient knowledge which controlled – and keeps controlling, though with some subtleties – a ritual of recognition and belonging to the group. If we apply it to our society we can see they go on happening and they contribute to build what we call identity. Photography has been and it still is one of the most profound revolutions in human history – comparable to printing – and one of the ingredients capable by its nature to generate a referential illusion – since we recognize and identify ourselves in it – it has been one of the tools that gave a larger contribution to the synthesis of identity itself.


With this work, Marina del Mar accurately documents the content of those quotidian-festivities in Almería. She directs her look towards the people and the village and not to what is supposed to be the main attraction. This is one of the values of her work that makes a difference. In some images we can see human attitudes recognizable in any family or group of friends. Others bring us closer to what is happening, to the habits and traditions that arise from the global village. And it is precisely what we are: human, tradition lovers and at the same time inevitably open to other tides. Now and again, we are the inhabitants of a happy world.


Commissary: Paco Salinas