The Family Project is a process rather than a project. It is a personal quest I decided to give the form of creative project to acquire the necessary distance and then to share it with others who do not necessarily interested in my family history, but the way to telling it. This story runs throughout the twentieth century (that’s the time slot I’ve chosen), parallel to the History, as many of the events that have been in my family have to do with key moments world history, like European migration to America at the beginning of last century, the First World War, the persecution of Jews in Czarist Russia both as in Nazi Germany, Latin American guerrillas and its counterpart in the form of military dictatorships, the expansion of the United States as a world power, and finally, again, migration of Americans to Europe, among whom I include myself, grandchildren or great-grandchildren of those who were a century ago. To address this project I decided to have two categories of elements – photographs and archival documents and photographs and audiovisual material made by me today – and with two different approaches – pure documentation of events as they are and free recall other passages or gaps between the actual facts.

Matías Costa

Buenos aires, 1973. Lives in Madrid, Spain. Using images cut by the strangeness, Matías Costa’s work explores the issues of memory and migrations. Journalist graduated, he works as photographer producing long-term series projects and he is contributor for The New York Times, Geo, El País Semanal and other media. Exhibitions: Photoespaña, Visa pour L´Image, Instituto Cervantes and several venues in Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, China and United States. His work take part in collections at the Moscow Photography Museum, Comunidad de Madrid, Hubei Museum of Art, Museo de América and private collections. Grants and awards: World Press Photo, Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña, Fondation Hachette, Unicef Photo Award, Fundación La Caixa and nominated for the Prix Pictet. Books: The Family Project (Bokeh, 2012) y Matias Costa (Photobolsillo, La Fábrica, 2011). Founder of Collective NOPHOTO, where he stayed until 2012, is represented by Panos Pictures, London.