“Family Album” is a work born from the existence of a book entitled: “António Gonçalves Pedro Mora Photographer” with the seal of the Municipality of Mora, published in 2003, the result of a passionate and rigorous work of Luis Vasconcelos who worked for three years in recovery, observation and photo editing from a file with thousands of negatives from the 50s which saves more than 50 years of Mora’s history in photographs. Reading this book was the starting point to have contributed to Bolsa Estação Imagem, premium created by Estação Imagem and the City Hall of Mora, in order to stimulate the production of books and exhibitions of documentary photography projects long in the Alentejo region. Thus the urgency of challenging memory and find, at present, the people on AGP’s book and crystallize them now in their environments and circumstances of current life was born. With the book in hand, I questioned the images, searched and photographed many of his characters I found. At the same time stimulated the memory of those who photographed, I was putting the pages of the small book notes for labeling by words not his time to go away what seemed to be forgotten were it not for the photographs . This is a work in sustained in the intimacy of whom I knew, first through a photograph and then personally. To all of them I asked to show me their family albums.