Roma Beyond Borders Across Europe and the Americas 1993-2011 This exhibition presents Roma as a people whose history is not written within one country’s borders, it is on one hand about a culture, and a way of life across a continent. The photographs portray Roma Gypsies from the inside, in a wide range of circumstances, both sedentary and nomadic; images of traditional Finnish Roma, Kalderasha in Texas USA, Gitanes at the festival of Saint Sara, Andalusian Gitanos living with drugs, Holocaust survivors, English Romani traveling by horse and wagon, the Roma’s mass exodus during the Balkan wars; their day to day lives, traditions, celebrations, in good and hard times. It also tells the story of the Roma’s diaspora across Europe; a story of migration, persecution, and suffering where they are the object of racism, refugees of war and, in too many places, live in abject poverty. Most Roma live in insular communities; they are proud, fiercely private, and distrustful of outsiders. They define their own cultural boundaries, they can be extravagant and ostentatious, for the most part they are deeply religious, and keep strict codes of social etiquette. Roma relate strongly to their national origin, they have their own language, influenced by Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu and identify very closely with the idea of family, traditions, and of a people. Strong emotional bonds draw Nigel back to re-visit and live with Roma year after year. He has worked to expose the systems that keep them down, and explain the circumstances of their departure. While each image tells a story, together, the photographs are a testimony to European Romani life experience, the Roma’s vibrant culture, and identity Environmental Portraits Wolf C Hartwig & Veronique Vendell Paris, France October 2010 Wolf C Hartwig, 91yrs old, was an extraordinarily succesful film producer of epic, adventure, documentaries and soft porn films. In 1977 he was awarded the German Cinema Bambi Award for ‘The Cross of Iron’ directed by Sam Peckinpah. Many of the low budget horror and soft porn flicks he produced, now have cult status, such as the ‘Horrors of Spider Island’ and ‘Honeymoon in Hell’, and have been watched by millions. Veronique Vendell now 70yrs old, a celebrated actress in her own right, starred in many of his soft porn movies, even opposite Richard Burton. Jacques Garcia Normandy, France 2006 Jacques Garcia, pictured here in his Norman country retreat ‘le Chateau du Champ de la Bataille’, is France’s most ostentatious interior decorator and landscape architect; he is a self-made man. Garcia is responsible for the Parisian Ladurée teahouse, the Hotel Costes, and his client list even boasts the Sultan of Brunei. One hours drive from Paris, near le Neubourg in Normandy, he bought the chateau twenty years ago, and faced with one of the great masterpieces of French Architecture, his self appointed task was to make it more sublime. Hardly touching the facade, he re-designed interiors to be lavish Baroque interpretations, recalling Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. The stylish gardens contain Roman style temples, an amphitheatre and fountains. The chateau, open to the public, attracts 30,000 visitors per year.

Nigel Dickinson


Nigel Dickinson, um fotógrafo documental Britânico, fotojornalista e cineasta, interessa-se particularmente pelo ambiente, comunidades marginalizadas, desenvolvimento sustentável, identidade e cultura. Após ter-se formado em Sheffield, Reino Unido, a primeira exposição de Dickinson foi na Camerawork Gallery, Londres, em 1983. Fotografou através da África do sul no mesmo ano, e em seguida a Grande Greve dos Mineiros, em 1984/85. Posteriormente começou a trabalhar como freelance para os média, no Reino Unido e no estrangeiro. No final dos anos 80, documentou os direitos à terra dos indígenas e a deflorestação em Bornéu. No início dos anos 90, registou o “UK Road Protest Movement”, passou vários anos na America Central e nos Balcãs, e começou o seu projeto de vinte anos “Roma beyond Borders” que está presentemente a ser editado como livro de autor. Em 2003, o trabalho de dez anos, Sara. A peregrinação dos ciganos, foi publicada na mesma edição, Actes Sud. Em 2012, Dickinson voltou a Bornéu para revisitar os povos nativos que fotografara vinte anos antes, documentando-os em vídeo, fotografia e multimédia. Atualmente desenvolve vários projetos documentais em vídeo para televisão. Tem artigos publicados em: National Geographic, Stern, Figaro, Vogue Homme, Marie Claire. O seu trabalho foi exibido na Bienalle de Veneza, Visa Pour l’Image, Arles Rencontres, Moving Walls série documental em Nova Iorque, Rivington Place, Londres, Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Triennale na Dinamarca e Photo Lucida. Missões de editoriais e ONGs ao longo de três décadas, levaram Dickinson a atravessar as Américas, África, Ásia, e a Europa de Leste, cobrindo uma vasta gama de temas, incluindo refugiados, alterações climáticas, desastres ambientais, guerra, a indústria de carne, MEAT, e a Sharia Islâmica. Dickinson vive e trabalha entre Paris, Londres e o resto do mundo. Prémios: “Mad Cows”, prémio World Press 1997; “Roma Beyond Borders” 2º classificado do prémio Eugene Smith 2000; “MEAT”, finalista do prémio European Publishers 2006; “Cambodia” prémio Feature, UK Press Photographers Year 2008; “Smokey Mountain”, Prémio Critical Mass 2011, Exposição Individual.