Space and Relation Between It all started when I saw the photographic series of my father I had several reasons for… (2009-2011) where he had captured his own parents, my grandparents. The way I interpret this series, it is about his cruel and twisted relationship with his parents, a relationship that was never really talked about. Inspired by my father’s work, I started out to investigate the internal dynamics of our family. I wanted to photograph my father and my grandmother, through my eyes. They have always been present in my life, but I have never really understood their way of behaving towards each other. I started this series with the idea of finding an aesthetical place, where I could create a counterbalance with the theme I had in my mind. By directing my grandmother and father to act in a certain absurd way, in the chosen environment, I realized that I was also creating a self-portrait. With this project I am searching for something that is difficult to express in words. Some kind of indifference or a rebellion that is present in the relationship of the individuals of my family. Or maybe this project is just my way to try to resolve all the black holes that have grown through the years.

Nita Vera


Nita Vera (b. 1986 in Helsinki) is a half Finnish half Chilean photographer. After graduating from the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts she has studied fine art at the Academy of Pekka Halonen and the Muurla Institute in Finland experimenting with different materials and techniques. Currently she is studying photography at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. She uses staged photography exploring the relations between people and the femininity in our society. Her work investigates the ways women are expected to behave in society as well as their inner feelings. Recently her series Space and Relation Between was published in the Nordic Now! Contemporary Photography, Musta Taide and she won the first price in the (Un)limited poster competition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Peace Palace in the Hague.