La Mirada Del Taxista

Vital curiosity, inborn visual intelligence, sensitivity and a great humanity, impart Óscar Fernando Gomez’s photos some of the most crystal clear and clever perceptions we have seen in recent photography. He photographs what he sees but what he does see and the way he captures it interests us all. It is the nuance and the difference of his works. His eyes are not contaminated by photographic nor by what one is “supposed to photograph”, nor by mediatic pursuit. He is visually pure and he shows us with love, a world of beauty and pain, humanity and lack of affection, in a most natural, unprejudiced way. Besides, he enjoys self-portraying with the people he photographs.


He was introduced to photography by mere chance, photographing family events. His photos were appreciated and the word spread out: weddings, baptisms, “fifteen year old parties”…, became his job. However, in a town like Monterrey, he spent all he made in transports, so he decided to be a taxi driver in order to better go from one place to another. That expanded his visual and vital horizons: He found Nuevo León landscape and the people who live in Monterrey suburb. A few months ago he had his first exhibition in Monterrey. We present here his first individual exhibition out of Mexico, produced by fotoencuentros.


Text: Paco Salinas