There are many unemployed in Portugal, their number increasing every day. Precarious work is all over Many people have a job and yet they need the support of others and they appeal to food banks. Some others live above their possibilities. Having a house of their own is not for everyone even though both the Constitution and the publicity say so. Banks live above our possibilities. About fifty percent of the elderly people live from pensions beneath the poverty line. A lot of changes are required. But we do want to preserve our National Health Service. Empty houses. High interest rates. There’s a big gap between the richest and the poorest, one of the largest in Europe. Quite a few number of persons belong to the middle class. The production basis has fallen apart. There are unfulfilled promises of prosperity. Where are the ministers of old times? Politics is both the disappointment and the disinterest of people. And this is going to get worse. There are people who come out into the streets and fight. There may be a turnaround. This country must be registered.