This year we received 240 applications from 34 diferent countries. 



Massimiliano Gatti  - Le nuvole



Alisa Martynova - Nowhere Near

Alvaro Gomez Pidal - Like Manolete on the eve of his death

Benjamin Rasmussen - The Land That Never Has Been Yet

Cristiano Volk - Laissez-faire

Freya Najade - The Silent Passing of Things

Ingrid Weyland - Topographies of Fragility

Kai Yokoyama - The day you were born, I wasn't born yet

Lesia Maruschak - This Land Was Made For You And Me

Manolo Espaliú - Welcome to the Paradise

Massimiliano Gatti  - Le nuvole

Michele Spatari - No Place Like Hope/ the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa

Panos Charalampidis + Mary Chairetaki - Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable

Phelim Hoey - La Machine

Spiros Zervoudakis - Terra incognita



Aurélie Scouarnec - Feræ

Bas Losekoot - Out of Place

Fran Rodríguez - Eidos

Matthias Jung - Friedmunts valley

Pachi Santiago - Copying Claudia

Sam De Buysere - Two and Two Make Five

Antonio Denti - Night at Noon

Claudia den Boer - To pick up a stone

Ela Polkowska - Splinter

Fernando Montiel Klint - Dystopia

Sheung Yiu - Ground Truth

Bettina Koller - When the upper lip loses its softness

Tarrah Krajnak - El Jardín De Senderos Que Se Bifurcan

Maurizio Esposito - Vesuvios, July 11th 2017

Natalia Kepesz - Niewybuch

Tomasz Fall - Le premier homme


Open Call

6 May 2021


13 Jun 2021


Audrey Hoareau

Artistic Director Photo Basel

Bridget Coaker

Creative Consultant

Carlos Fontes

Artistic Director Encontros da Imagem

Dr Oluwatoyin Sogbesan

Historian, Museologist and Architect

Peggy Sue Amison

Artistic Director of East Wing Gallery, Qatar & Berlin