Genesis is all this: the origin or creation and, as in all creations and also in art, genesis succeeds destruction. With each creation, new meanings emerge, such as other value judgments, other scientific theories, new myths, new algorithms and, insidiously, also old mistakes and revivals, which delay the meanings of this community of the future that, with its sloppiness and its utopias of happiness, did not want and does not want to lose them. Changes, displacements of nations, effects of catastrophe or perseverance, creation and destruction, - the alpha and omega of a culture - and which, consensually, appear to us as the essence of the new visual arts.
  • Exhibitions


    The festival occupies several spaces in the cities of Braga, Barcelos, Guimarães and Porto, where it showcases diferent photography and visual arts exhibitions. Some of these exhibitions are the result of a direct invitation to the photographer, others are the result of the finalista of the award - Discovery Awards 2020. 

  • Portfolio Reviews

    Portfolio Reviews

    The Portfolio Review is an important moment of the festival. All national and international photographers are invited to submit their work to the Emergentes 2020 - International Photography Award Encontros da Imagem, if selected they will have the possibility to come to Braga, to present their works to a group of international jury (Museum and Festival Directors, Gallerists, Curatrs, Editors, etc.).  This activity is an important platform where photographers and critics exchange ideas and were critics help develop and promote the photographers work. The winner of Emergentes 2020 - International Photography Award Encontros da Imagem, a direct result of the portfolio review will receive a 5.000€ (five thousand euro) award, and will have a solo exhibition on the next edition of the festival.

  • Photobook Exhibition + Photobook Awards

    Photobook Exhibition + Photobook Awards

    The festival believes in the importance of the photobook as a great contribute to the evolution of the history of the photographic narrative and also of its importance within the contemporary photography process. Taking this into account, the festival will organize photobook exhibitions in partnership with international photohgraphy institutions and festivals. Besides this, it will also promote the Photobook Awards 2020 - a photography book (dummy) award. The finalists will have their books showcased in a photobook exhibition during the festival in September.  

  • Conferences


    In partneship with the University of Minho and other photography schools, the festival will organize masterclasses, within this years theme "Genesis". 

  • Photography Projections

    Photography Projections

    As part of the program, the festival will organize different Photography Projections in public and private spaces in Braga. 

  • Cinema Cycle

    Cinema Cycle

    As part of the program, the festival will organize a Cinema Cycle, where the films shown will be under this years theme "Genesis".

  • Educational Services

    Educational Services

    Since the beginning, the festival as always been aware of it's pedagogical and formative responsibility. So for that reason it develops the education services that is divided in two big areas: Guided Tours and Photography Workshops for school kids.