2012 Edition

2012 Edition

Celebrating the city of Braga the EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF YOUTH this theme becomes very suitable.
So, is under preparation a group exhibition – Facing Youth – which seek to provide a comprehensive overview of European Youth. Besides that exhibition are scheduled other exhibitions of young artists which will be disseminated in various exhibition venues of the city.
In addition to the wide range of exhibitions, which will seek to include all countries of the European community, are a set of scheduled activities (conferences, debates, screenings, workshops) aimed at the youth world in order to not only lead to better understand their active status quo, as well as provide leisure time and tools to decode the visual arts today.

Braga on the roof

Other Venues · 2012/09/07 · 18h30 · Hotel Mercure, Braga


Qual é a sua?

Other Venues · 2012/09/08 · 21h30 · Velha-a-Branca, Braga
Curators: Simone Rodrigues Autores:André Miranda, Inês Quiroga Daniel Filippini, Débora Santana, Raquel Guerra, Pedro Faillace, Diogo Carreira, Simone Tomé.


Sunday, back home

Other Venues · 2012/09/19 · 22h00 · Cineclube de Guimarães, Guimarães
Exhibit by Milo Montelli


Portfolio Reviews – Emergentes / DST

Misc · 2012/09/19 – 2012/09/20 · Espaço Emergentes DST – Rua do Raio, 175, Braga


Contemporary Nordic Photography (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland), by Elina Heikka

Conferences · 2012/09/20 · 21h30 · Casa do Rolão, Av. Central, Braga

From Fantasy Feminism to Social Issues – Aspects on Nordic contemporary Photography

A strong institutional basis for photography was established in the Nordic countries in the 70´s. Photography museums were founded in Finland in 1969 and in Sweden in 1971, and sometime after- in the late 70s- in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, the first photography galleries came up. Facing the panorama of Nordic photography at the end of the 20th century, it is apparent that among the five countries, Sweden had the leading role up to the 1990s. In present times, photography is very well established in all Nordic countries, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, but for the last ten years, particularly Finland has became renowned because of an exceptional variety of high quality photographic art. Contemporary “Nordic photography” escapes any definition because of its very wide range of approaches which can be found among the photographers and the way they interpret the world around them. Recent wave of Fantasy feminism, revival of “still life” and very popular Personal is political attitude when dealing with social issues are some aspects of Nordic contemporary photography that have been defined by director Elina Heikka, and chief curator Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, from the Finnish Museum of Photography.


Three Conferences

Conferences · 2012/09/21 · 17h00 · Casa do Rolão, Av. Central, Braga

The Brazilian Photography Panorama, by Ângela Magalhães, Rio de Janeiro

By means of a suggestive set of images an overview of contemporary brasilian photography shall be presented. With the adopted curatorial standpoint, the issue is cultural identity, in the shape of a local-global perspective, represented by the production of established artist photographers essays as well as of others with newer trajectories.

Rio de Janeiro and Panoramic Photograpy, by Maria Inez Turazzi, Rio de Janeiro

Angela Magalhães graduated in Social Communication by the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (1980). She was a Scholar at Fulbright / Capes with the International Center of Photography and Aperture Foundation, New York (1988/89). In the exhibitions at the Instituto Nacional de Fotografia da Funarte, in partnership with Nadja Fonsêca Pilgrim, she coordinated the Semanas Nacionais de Fotografia (1982/89) and over a hundred photographic shows, among them José Medeiros – 50 anos de fotografia (1986) ; Cuba, Imagens da História of Raul Corrales (1987); Todo dia é dia de Indio,from Milton Guran (1992), Hommage a trois, from photographers Zeka Araujo, Pedro Vasquez and Walter Firmo, celebrating the 15 years of Galeria de Fotografia da Funarte (1994).

History of European Photography in the XX Century, by Michaela Bosakova, SEDF – FOTOFO, Bratislava

The project characteristics

The History of European Photography (1900 – 2000) is an international research project spanning the whole of Europe. The project’s main aim is to publish an encyclopaedia in English (5000 copies per volume, about 600 pages per book), divided into three volumes / periods, volume 1 – 1900 – 1938, volume 2 – 1939-1970, volume 3 1971 – 2000. Each volume of the encyclopaedia will be organized alphabetically by country. A study on the history of photography in each country will be written by an expert on photography from that country. Alongside the main studies, each book will contain extensive additional material, biographies of mentioned photographers, and timetables marking cultural, socio-political and technical photographic events in each country for a given period. There will be two types of indices in each book: an index of mentioned photographers and an index of other historical names and subjects. The project is coordinated by Prof. Václav Macek, chairman of FOTOFO association, professor at the University of Performing Arts, Bratislava, and director of the Month of Photography festival, Bratislava. In the last three years, we have put together a team of 46 internationally renown experts from 35 countries, such as Gerry Badger, Hans Michael Koetzle, Mark Tamisier, Vladimír Birgus, Jan-Erik Lundström (see below). Using this strategy, we can guarantee the firstclassqualityofourinformation.The first volume can be published as early as spring 2010, volume 2 should come out in November 2010 and 3 is being prepared for publication in two years.

Target groups

The target group of the encyclopaedia ‚The History of 20th Century European Photography‘ in English, the first of its kind in the field of photography, are not only experts and scholars in European photography, but also a broader public interested in art and photography. Furthermore, the book is meant to serve as a referential source for educational institutions, schools, libraries, public cultural institutions, galleries and museums. As the first complex overview of European Photography in the 20th century, the encyclopaedia is a primary source in the study of photography. In the field of science, the book presents the status quo of knowledge for each European country and as such it represents a basis for historians of photography and art in their research. In the commercial sphere, photography has been gaining still bigger popularity among a broad public which is reflected not only in auctions and sales but also in the market for exhibitions and publications on photography.

Long-term results

Our primary goal is to fill a gap in the theory of photography. While all existing publications on this topic focus only on leading countries in European photography, such as France, Great Britain or Germany, omitting more than half of the continent, we are offering a complete overview of photographic development in the 20th century, from Iceland to Russia and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. This three-volume publication will also pave the way for future scientific research and comparative studies on a pan-European level.


New Dutch Photography Talent

Book Night · 2012/09/21 · 21h30 · Livraria 100ª Página, Braga
New Dutch Photography Talent, from Gup Magazine, by Erik Vroons. Party + books + images.


Lomography Practice

Workshops · 2012/09/21 · Museu D. Diogo de Sousa, Braga


Emergentes DST Prize Delivery Gala

Misc · 2012/09/22 · 21h00 · Theatro Circo, Braga

21h00 “Emergentes DST” exhibit inauguration [Nobre hall]

21h30 Image projection / “Filho da Mãe” concert [main hall]

22h15 Winner announcement [main hall]

22h30 Jay-Jay Johanson concerto [main hall]


Projection of the Finalists of Emergentes DST Award

Projections · 2012/09/22 · 23h59 · Casa dos Coimbras, Braga
… and After Party.


Lomo faces panel

Other Venues · 2012/09/22 · Praça da República, Braga


Easy Rider

Cinema Nights · 2012/09/27 · 21h30 · Casa dos Coimbras, Braga
From Dennis Hopper. 1969 – 95 min.


Projection of the Finalists of Emergentes DST Award

Projections · 2012/09/28 – 2012/09/29 · 23h00 · Casa dos Coimbras, Braga


Rumble Fish

Cinema Nights · 2012/10/03 · 21h30 · Casa dos Coimbras, Braga
From Francis Ford Coppola. 1983, 94 min.


Projection of the Finalists of Emergentes DST Award

Projections · 2012/10/05 – 2012/10/06 · 23h00 · Casa dos Coimbras, Braga


Arena + Elephant

Cinema Nights · 2012/10/10 · 21h30 · Casa dos Coimbras, Braga

Arena, de João Salaviza, 2009, 16 min.

Elephant, de Gus Van Sant. 2003, 81 min.