2013 Edition

2013 Edition

The Festival

Encontros da Imagem – Photography International Festival

With 25 years of existence, Encontros da Imagem, International Photography Festival, presents 2013 next edition inspired by the generic concept of LOVE and FAMILY, under the theme “Love will tear us apart.” In this project we exhibit authors from 11 European countries and a set of family pictures by photographic studios of the 30’s, along with activities for the general public, that aim to involve the family core, as well as street projections and even a movie screening dedicated to the topic.


Misc · 14 a 25 | Outubro · Braga

ProjectoMAP | Colectivo de Curadores

Conferences · 24/10/2013 · 19 pm · GNRation
ProjectoMAP, a map of portuguese artists, is a curatorial project for the research and mapping of the Portuguese contemporary arts universe.



Misc · 25-28/9/2013 · 11am- 19pm · GNRation
Festival Encontros da Imagem organizes a market of photography books, with independent editors and author book presentations, from 25 to 28 September at Pátio do Cão and GNration Pop up Store. Photography book has always been an important item, related to Photography medium be it for its disclosure or for photo printing. Due to the increasing public interest for this type of books and their acknowledgment in the international market, it was found relevant creating or enhancing connections among photographers, editors, bookshops, and galleries. This way, Encontros da Imagem intend to pass around this form of photographic edition, boosting people’s interest towards this kind of market and creating a suitable platform for the dialogue on this specific medium, in its intersection with other areas like design, fine arts, cinema or edition in general. It shall be a good opportunity for the affectionate to photography, books and magazines to (re)discover and acquire some rare or recent issues.


Portfolio Reviews | Emergentes dst 2013

Misc · 25/26-9-2013 · 10am – 6pm · GNRation
The creation of the Photography Award EMERGENTES DST has represented the advent of an award of national and international prestige and has been a shared compromise between the Company Domingos da Silva Teixeira (DST) and Encontros da Imagem. This year the 4th edition of the award is held, as a token of a unique course defined by the Company DST and the cultural association Encontros da Imagem. The award is an initiative of Domingos da Silva Teixeira Company, the organization belongs to Encontros da Imagem and its aim is to reward the best 2013 Contemporary Photography portfolio. The Prize is awarded trough a Critical Review of Portfolios, which grants the photographers the opportunity to present their work before commissioners, gallery owners and specialized editors, an utmost means to promote their art. A large group of critics, from different quadrants and specialized in several areas of Photography will be present and the Review shall be their responsibility. DST Group was founded in Braga, in the forties. Originally circumscribed to construction industry, nowadays it is also a reference in the national sectors of water and waste, renewable energy sources, telecommunications and technological innovations. The patronage to cultural and social agents that are somehow related to the DST Group stands out as part of DST policies of social responsibility. Photography becomes a new cultural territory to DST, materialized by the Emergentes Photography Award, in collaboration with Encontros da Imagem. Encontros da Imagem Festival is proud to hold one more issue of the International Photography Award Emergentes DST, thus fostering the critical review of portfolios by national and foreign experts who have contributed for better information of the growing number of spectators, about the diversity of practices in contemporary Photography. With this event further disclosure of the production and revelation of national and international photography is also achieved. It can be claimed that this Award represents an eminent moment in the artistic scenario of Photography, thus recognizing that Photography and images in general go on fulfilling our perception of the world. Our warm thanks to all participants or agents who believe in the power of Photography as well as in all the fields it comes across with.



Misc · 26-9-2013 · 19 pm · GNRation
Slideluck London goes to Braga Photography Festival Circulation(s) | Fetart Asian Contemporary Photography | Manik Katyal – Emaho Magazine Multiverso | Marcelo Carrera & João Pacca “Stand By” (2011/12) | Projecto Sputnik “The Dad Project” | Briony Campbell


Conferences · 27/11/2013 · 18h30 · Galeria do Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar



Misc · 27/9/2013 · 19pm · GNRation
“Teoria Particular sobre el Beso” de Lola Garrido | selection of Anne Morin “The City of Brides”, por Alena Zhandarova GUP Magazine | NEW Dutch Talents 2012/2013 | Erik Vroons, Editor of GUP GUP After Party + Erik Vroons DJ Set


Workshops · 28-11-2013 · 16h00 · Auditório de Porto Iracema Escola das Artes


Misc · 29-11-2013 · 16h00 · Porto de Iracema Escola das Artes


Misc · 29-11-2013 · 19h00 · Galeria do Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar