2016 Edition

2016 Edition


2016, September 20th  to November 5th

International Photography Award

Portfolio Reviews

The International Photography Award Emergentes dst is an initiative of dst group, organized by ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM, with a prize money of 7,500€.

This is a unique opportunity for artists from all over the world, aiming to highlight talented photgraphic projects and, at the same time, gather international specialists from the photographic field.

Besides the prize money, the winner will also have an individual exhibition in the next edition of Emergentes dst. From the initial applications to the gala award ceremony, through fundamental portfolio reading of the selected projects, it represents an excellent way of visibility and reflection on national and international projects.

The International Photography Award Emergentes dst  will be awarded after the Portfolio Review, which shall give photographers the opportunity to show their work to commissioners, gallery owners and expert editors, thus establishing solid foundations for the promotion of their work.

The International Photography Award Emergentes dst Gala will take place at Theatro Circo, September 24, at 9.30 pm.

The Festival

Encontros da Imagem – International Photography Festival


In the cycle of mutability and visuality, the International Photography Festival ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM returns to contaminate the city of Braga and to whip the affective dimension up, at a time of tremendous changes and significances.

At this admirably thought-provoking moment for the human existence, populated by a turmoil of images and where the feeling for constant change and transformation proliferates, the Festival returns to its city for the 26 th Edition, celebrating the sentimental side of this edition’s theme: the Search for Happiness. After its effervescent 2015 Edition, ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM returns with an intense and kaleidoscopic programme, proposing a reflection over Happiness, in nowadays societies. Memory, Changing and Revelationsare among the themes for this year’s edition, which allow us to understand the several paths towards Happiness.

Alongside with the current technological rage that questions the limits of the visible, in which the image casts us to even further away places, and where the world is revealed through its most hidden and unexpected aspects, it seemed like the appropriate moment to promote an edition dedicated to the discovery of the other, appealing to the sentimental turn and to the simple and discreet quest for Happiness, at its Place at the Sun.

Object of knowledge, interrogation and experimentation, photography is in its essence, a vital reflex of the world today and, therefore, indisputably, an incredible form of capturing the pulse of an era. The complex reality of a technological world, at the same time archaically barbarian and intensely human, offers values and dimensions that we dare to explore at this year’;s edition, in the so desired search for Happiness.

On the other hand, the feeling of the world raises awareness of our historical universe, and therefore, this edition explores the affective consciousness, harmed by the tensions and conflicts, which result from the general sharpening of social contradictions. Here, we aim to create a field of social and dynamic creation, in which artists, curators and scholars are invited to explore the theme of this sentimental turning, in its multiple interpretations, under the motto: A PLACE IN THE SUN.

Artistic Director

Ângela Ferreira