The contemporary photography of landscape, in the heritage of Walker Evans and then of the conceptual, is passionate by the peripheral areas that are the peripheries of large metropolis and become the theater of contemporary urbanizations.

Malls, parking lots, dormitory neighborhoods, road infrastructures are interwoven and where finally boundary spaces where all differentiated attempts of architecture or urban design overlap getting lost and dissolved . These images of urban landscapes deprived of meaning, become the lucid statement of disenchantment as ultimate form of criticism.

This photography of the suburbs, of despised places, has developed considerably since the late 70’s. Industrial archeology with the Becher, then urban directions with their followers of the new German objectivity, prefabricated houses and standardized habitats with Lewis Baltz or Dan Graham, transposed landscapes with Robert Adams, dehumanized with Gabriele Basilico or even more recently with Xavier Ribas and Jordi Bernado who in their experiences with landscapes try a renewal of the tradition of documentary. Deep inside these photographs embody their social and psychological concerns, a kind of reinvention in which the desire for the real document and a feeling of melancholy for a long time disguised as anti-aesthetic, are mixed together.

André Mérian

Born in 1955 at La Faouët, France.

He is represented by the Parisian galery Les Douches. He has been exhibiting individually since 2002. He was nominated for the Prix Découverte of Rencontres Photographiques, at Siria.