“DÉSERT ALLER RETOUR. / 2002-2005”

All I can see «en passant» evokes precisely the reverse of the feeling of fixed eternity emerging from the desert. Everything looks still, while everything is movement. Not even time finds itself again. Passage must be the only mode, such as the one of being in the world.

Going, and with that movement, seeing what’s going (on). Sight takes you so far in all directions that we can feel close to everything and simultaneously feel isolated and alone.

“At this place time goes by. Do we remain?” They are sitting down. Or walking, following an endless route. Or, more unbelievably still, they follow no route at all. They walk in the middle of the landscape as if they knew where to go. These images have an essential connection with the matter that produces them. The landscape gains color through my eyes. Color becomes a pigment like the rock itself. Because of speed, color is on the move.

Arièle Bonzon

Born in France, 1955. After completing her studies on image techniques, she undertakes artistic research related to photography. The first photographic exhibition took place in 1982, at gallery Le Réverbère, Lyon, which would represent her work from then on. Her work is part f several public collections, namely Fond National d`Art Contemporain as well as private collections.